Structural design

We have many years of experience and know-how in designing timber structures. Our approach to design and engineering is based on innovative materials and advanced technologies. Most importantly, we deliver services that are well-balanced both in terms of economy and ecology.

We do take part in conferences, trainings and industry summits to secure continuous growth of our skills and competences

Construction timber delivery (KVH, BSH, HBE, CLT)

We deliver only top-quality certified materials to individual clients, contractors and wholesalers from all over the country. We ship the materials either in accordance with a customer-provided purchase order or on the basis of our structural design where optimum solution and current raw material availability are considered.

Prefabricated elements (CNC woodworking)

We deliver structural elements assuming maximum degree of prefabrication. This way we significantly reduce the assembly time and the risk of errors may be limited to minimum. We own advanced CNC machines. The woodworking of timber is performed in accordance with customer-provided specification or based on the design prepared by MODULAM.

Traditional and modular constructions

Our knowledge and experience in designing connected with increasing production capacity have initiated the idea of creating a wide range of ready-made products and services. We offer an ever growing variety of ready modular constructions and design solutions.

Assembly and supervision

We supervise the assembly process in accordance with our structural design documentation. We work with partners throughout the country and abroad who carry out the on-site assembly of timber structures. Our experience and involvement help the project to seamlessly become the highly anticipated reality.