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We are MODULAM, a company created by structural timber engineers and enthusiasts from Poland. We operate both locally and abroad in order to deliver modern solutions for the construction industry. With more than 10 years of experience and thanks to the professional tools of the trade we are capable of conducting even the most complicated projects. Should we enter into cooperation, we can reassure that your order will be completed with full commitment and to the highest standard.

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Over the past few decades, structural timber and wood-based construction materials have undergone a true revolution. Precise strength grading of timber aimed at eliminating its natural defects and the development of woodworking techniques have allowed for the creation of finger jointed boards whose length is theoretically unlimited. Laminating a number of these boards (glulam) helped make a single structural element of high cross-sectional dimensions and an unprecedented span length. On the other hand cross-laminating the wood into large format elements enabled production of rigid plates and slabs. All these components have laid the foundation for creating even bigger structures. Undoubtedly, wood engineering is the future that requires knowledge and expertise – and if so – our website is the best place to stop by.